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Kind ohne Namen

A Child with No Name

Published by Diogenes as Kind ohne Namen
English Title: A Child with No Name

A modern saga about the fear of the other, set in a small village.

After a year at university, Xenia returns to her home – a village in the middle of nowhere. She is pregnant, but does not want anyone to find out.

When a dozen foreigners are provided with temporary accommodation in the school, there is uproar in the village. In order to restore peace, Xenia’s mother gets involved in an ominous deal with the secret ruler of the region, unknowingly endangering the life of her unborn grandchild.

General Fiction
288 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

Film rights are handled by Diogenes.

»Poschenrieder deals masterfully with a highly topical subject by treating it at the local level. [...] Fairy-tale elements in the novel reinforce its archetypal note, while also tying the book in with a broader literary tradition.«

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