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Die Zeit der Zikaden
Im Warenkorb

The Time of the Cicadas

Published by Diogenes as Die Zeit der Zikaden
Original Title: Die Zeit der Zikaden

Retirement is finally here for Alex. But instead of kicking back, she plans to venture into the unknown: in a tiny house on wheels, she plans to leave everything she knows behind her.
Johann, in his mid-fifties, is searching for an escape from a job that now feels questionable and a marriage that’s grown cold – and an inherited stone house in Liguria seems a good place to do it.
Alex accepts Johann’s invitation: two not-so-young and very different individuals start the next chapter of their lives in this place of longing.

»That is what this gentle, thoughtful, careful, and finely wrought novel is all about. It impressed me a lot.«

Jörg Magenau / Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Cologne