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The Autobiography of a Teddy Bear
Published by Diogenes as Otto
Original Title: Otto - Autobiography of a Teddy Bear
Tomi Ungerer has written and illustrated over two dozen children's books, picture books for children and adults. It began in 1957 with the adventures of The Mellops Family. Following famous children's classics such as ›Allumette‹, ›The Three Robbers‹, ›Zeralda's Ogre‹ and ›The Moon Man‹ he has now created a new masterpiece. ›Otto the teddy bear‹ tells the story of his unusual bear's life. One day he falls into the hands of David, a Jewish boy who lives somewhere in a German town. David and his best friend Oscar try to teach the bear to write, but this ends in disaster when Otto spills ink all over his coat and is left with a big lilac stain which marks him for the rest of his teddy bear's life. One day when the boys are playing happily with their teddy, the idyll is rudely interrupted by political changes. A journey into the unknown begins for Otto, and he passes from hand to hand until, after many years, he lands in loving arms once more.

Children's books
20.8 × 29 cm
36 pages
ab 4 Jahren