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Im Warenkorb


Three Stories, Six Poems, and Eight Drawings
Published by Diogenes as Katzen
Original Title: On Cats And Lifestyle
It is said that, when John F. Kennedy made his famous statement on the radio »ask not, what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!«, Patricia Highsmith got up, went into the kitchen and … fed her cats. Cats were Patricia Highsmith's faithful companions all through her life. She had up to six at the same time. They lived with her, slept on her bed and sat on her desk. And time and again they were the object of her literary and artistic work. This special compilation of stories, poems and drawings is dedicated to Patricia Highsmith's special relationship to her four-legged companions.

General Fiction
160 pages

»A cat makes a home a home, a writer is not alone with a cat, yet is enough alone to work. More than this, a cat is a walking, sleeping, ever-changing work of art.«
Patricia Highsmith