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Schuh, wo bist du?
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One, Two, where's my Shoe?

Published by Diogenes as Schuh, wo bist du?
Original Title: One, Two, Where's my Shoe?
»One, Two, where's my Shoe? – Three, Four, on the Floor!« – These are the only words Tomi Ungerer needs for a story. The rest is told by his subtle and shrewd pictures, which seem to take the viewer for a fool – until he can't help but smile in recognition: Across the book's pages, Tomi Ungerer's pencil conjures up dragonflies, soldiers, scarecrows, a pig and even an ocean liner. And the line is always: ›One, Two, where's my Shoe?‹

Children's books, Humour
17.5 × 21.5 cm
36 pages
ab 4 Jahren

»How wonderful that there are still children’s book authors with such a wealth of imagination.«
Hamburger Abendblatt