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Im Warenkorb


Published by Diogenes as Away
Original Title: Away

Christoph Niemann's travel drawings are enchanting. They transport the viewer to where the illustrator picked up his pencil and paintbrush, gifting us with a snapshot of the world. Stripped down and restrained, in vibrant colours, they awaken the desire for travel and adventure. You find yourself wanting to embark on a journey with these images again and again, to continually discover new details in them. Whether it's the glut of sunshine in the midday languor of Spanish towns; the incessant rush and motion of a big city intersection, captured in one moment; the earthy colours and heavy light of Asia or the view from a window into a peaceful garden - every picture is unique, captivatingly beautiful and alive.

Art, cartoon, photography, Gift Books
25 × 33.5 cm
256 pages


»Beautifully old-fashioned yet hypermodern at the same time.«

Ulf Poschardt / Die Welt, Berlin