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Die Abenteuer der Familie Mellops
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The Mellops

5 Stories in One Volume
Published by Diogenes as Die Abenteuer der Familie Mellops
Original Title: The Mellops

Finally they return: Tomi Ungerer's original picture book family – the marvellous Mellops. Whether as cave explorers or aircraft builders, when drilling for oil or hunting for treasure – it is soon apparent that the Mellops family is no ordinary family of pigs. The Mellops family love challenges. The result – spectacular lastminute rescues from a rubber dinghy punctured by stalagmites, forest fires and beaches on deserted islands ... But one thing is certain: having survived the most perilous adventures, the pigs can always look forward to Mrs. Mellops’ wonderful cream cake. All five adventures of the Mellops family in one volume.

Children's books
14.3 × 21.3 cm
176 pages
ab 4 Jahren

»Anyone who has not met the Mellops family is missing some of the best work being done for the picture book audience.«
The New York Times