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Tomi Ungerers Märchenbuch
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A Storybook from Tomi Ungerer

Published by Diogenes as Tomi Ungerers Märchenbuch
Original Title: A Storybook from Tomi Ungerer
Here are classic tales such as ›The Tinder Box‹ by Hans Christian Andersen and ›The Wishing Table‹ by The Brothers Grimm. And here as well are new stories, including Tomi Ungerer's own - and very special - version of ›Little Red Riding Hood‹. Tomi Ungerer has illustrated them all in full colour in his unique style and with droll wit to produce the most delightful and entertaining children's book in many a moon.

Children's books
14.3 × 21.3 cm
96 pages
ab 5 Jahren