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Der Klub, in dem wir alle spielen
Im Warenkorb

The Club We All Play In

On the State of German Literature
Published by Diogenes as Der Klub, in dem wir alle spielen
Original Title: Der Klub, in dem wir alle spielen

In these texts, which were composed by Jörg Fauser between 1963 and 1987, we get to know him as a visionary and fan, yet also as a nit-picker and blasphemer. Vicious in parts, while others abound with admiration. A varied volume that contains texts about writers from Gryphius to Grass; that gives us a radio report about crime literature and a conversation with Bukowski; that offers an insight into embarrassing encounters between literary figures and, above all, that makes one thing very clear: Fauser’s love of literature.

»The imponderables of the literature industry are vast, even gargantuan. How much simpler, in comparison, are those of politics.«
Jörg Fauser