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Allmen und Herr Weynfeldt
Im Warenkorb

Allmen and Mr Weynfeldt

Published by Diogenes as Allmen und Herr Weynfeldt
Original Title: Allmen und Herr Weynfeldt

Allmen meets a cultured gentleman of around his age in a bar – Adrian Weynfeldt. His family name, of course, is one the art detective is familiar with. Their encounter marks the beginning of an unusual friendship. A short while later, when Weynfeldt notices a picture is missing from his collection, he consults Allmen. Weynfeldt’s eccentric circle of friends seems reluctant to talk, all except the bookseller who specialises in art titles. But before long, she’s no longer able to, and Allmen is facing his first murder case.

Crime fiction, General Fiction
224 pages


»An airy and cool read with a touch of melancholy, in which nobody has to know everything, least of all the reader.«

Die Presse am Sonntag, Vienna