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Achtung Weihnachten
Im Warenkorb

Beware of Christmas

Deceitful Christmas Stories and Poems
Published by Diogenes as Achtung Weihnachten
Original Title: Achtung Weihnachten
A Unique Christmas Book – Typical Tomi Ungerer Whoever wants to celebrate Christmas with Tomi Ungerer has something to look forward to: Tomi Ungerer is always good for a surprise. Christmas with him is guaranteed not to be the bleak, cloying, sugary festival of commerce and boredom. Nevertheless, Tomi Ungerer's ›Beware of Christmas‹ is a splendid house book completely stuffed like a stocking with both deceptive and surprising yet still contemplative stories and poems by authors from around the world: from Charles Dickens and Martin Suter to Doris Dörrie and Urs Widmer. And as a very special gift: the more than 70 colored drawings by Tomi Ungerer, who interprets Christmas dreamily, romantically, jokingly, cheekily, frivolously and subversively.

Art, cartoon, photography, Humour
22 × 27 cm
240 pages