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Pauls Garten
Im Warenkorb

Paul’s Garden

Published by Diogenes as Pauls Garten
Original Title: Pauls Garten

Paul has the prettiest garden 
With the juiciest tomatoes
The spiciest chilli, the plumpest grapes
Pumpkins so big you can scarcely believe.

But wait, where are all the radishes today?
Oh, darling Lieschen!
The beds are empty, the trees bare
And Paul’s face as white as a sheet.

Paul is a passionate gardener. Everything is verdant and blooming and aromatic: Tomorrow is harvest day. But when Paul goes into his garden the next day, everything has gone! He wants to find the thief at once, and a major surprise awaits.

Children's books
19 × 25 cm
32 pages
ab 3 Jahren


»An amusing garden tale with a beautiful message.«

Kronen Zeitung, Vienna