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Bär & Hippo räumen auf
Im Warenkorb

Bear & Hippo Tidy Up

Published by Diogenes as Bär & Hippo räumen auf
Original Title: Bär & Hippo räumen auf

Things are getting serious at Bear and Hippo’s house: you can hardly put a foot down in the playroom anymore, and it’s impossible to find anything. It’s time to tidy up – properly. The two friends move things around and clear them away, stack and sort until everything is immaculate. So, what now? A little jigsaw puzzle, maybe? Bit more playing with the building blocks?
And hey presto, chaos reigns again!

Bear and Hippo
dear, oh dear!
What on earth
did happen here?

Bear and Hippo
Oh, the bother
They can hardly
find each other

But our friends
they work all day
they stack and stow
and pack away

The final toy
into the chest
Now there is order
there is rest.

Children's books
18 × 15 × 1.8 cm
24 pages
ab 3 Jahren