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Warum bin ich nicht du?
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Why Am I Not You?

Philosophical questions asked by children. Answered and illustrated by Tomi Ungerer
Published by Diogenes as Warum bin ich nicht du?
Original Title: Warum bin ich nicht du?
Tomi Ungerer answers children’s questions with the irreverent wisdom of a great artist who has never forgotten his inner child. The column from ›Philosophie Magazine‹ – in book form for the first time. »Why am I not you, and why are you not me? Who created God? If someone hits me, is it ok to hit back? Why does money exist? Could it be that I am only dreaming my life? Is there such a thing as nothing? Why do we have to love others and not just ourselves?« The great philosophical questions remain the same, be it two thousand years ago or yesterday, whether we are eighty or eight years old. Tomi Ungerer, the world-famous artist and children’s book writer, is also an idiosyncratic thinker and an untiring champion against prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Children from France and Germany asked him their questions. Ungerer’s answers are surprising, cheeky, funny, thought-provoking – and always inspiring. A philosophy book that makes readers want to think – whether they are children or adults.

General Fiction, Philosophy
192 pages


»Heart-warming but never kitschy.«

Thomas Assheuer / Die Zeit, Hamburg