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Der Mondmann
Im Warenkorb

Moon Man

Published by Diogenes as Der Mondmann
Original Title: Moon Man
For everyone who thinks the moon is made of green cheese (and for the few who do not), here is Tomi Ungerer's ›Moon Man‹ to tell the story of the man in the moon and how he came to visit us one night. Watching the people on earth dancing happily, the Moon Man decides to fly down and join the fun. But instead of giving their distinguished guest the hearty welcome he deserves, the people he meets send the Moon Man off to jail. Alone in his cell the Moon Man uses his special lunar powers to slip through the hands of the law (by means of a strategem too original and too appropriate to be divulged here). His ensuing adventures in the forest and his encounter with an odd, three-hundred-year-old scientist create a gently satiric fable that children are sure to find delightful. Tomi Ungerer's engaging tale and his superb pictures will charm the most worldly of readers-aloud as well as the youngest of sleepyhead listeners.

Children's books
22.8 × 30.7 cm
40 pages
ab 4 Jahren