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Der Hut
Im Warenkorb

The Hat

Published by Diogenes as Der Hut
Original Title: The Hat

A handsome black top hat living on top of a rich man's head… there is nothing remarkable about that, but a hat that answers to its owner's beck and call is something else again! Tired of the rich man's company, the hat takes off and lands on the head of Benito Badoglio, a penniless veteran of the Crimean War. At once the magic of the hat begins to work, taking old Benito through a series of spectacular rescues. Before long Benito finds himself rich and dressed like a gentleman, and that is when he saves the Contessa herself from a runaway horse. True love blossoms, and the hat, having done its work, flies off… hither and yon… Heaven knows where. The happy tale will capture the fancy of children and adults alike, and Tomi Ungerer's illustrations, with their broad humor and careful attention to detail, make this a picture book to treasure.

Children's books
22 × 27.5 cm
32 pages
ab 4 Jahren

»A resounding success!«
Esther Scheidegger / Tages-Anzeiger, Zürich