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Picassos Friseur
Im Warenkorb

Picasso’s Hairdresser

The Story of a Friendship
Published by Diogenes as Picassos Friseur
Original Title: Picassos Friseur

When Picasso meets hairdresser Eugenio Arias in 1947, they develop a deep relationship.
It is principally their communist conviction that unites the two Spaniards in exile in the South of France, but they also share a great love of bullfighting and a mischievous sense of humour. Picasso’s Hairdresser not only depicts the intense friendship between these two extraordinary men but also offers a fresh look on the world-famous painter as a generous and loyal companion.

Biographies, Art, cartoon, photography, General Fiction
11.6 × 18.4 × 2.2 cm
288 pages