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Zeraldas Riese
Im Warenkorb

Zeralda's Ogre

Published by Diogenes as Zeraldas Riese
Original Title: Zeralda's Ogre
For weeks now, all of the children in town have been hiding in trunks, barrels, and basements to avoid becoming the hungry ogre's breakfast – all of the children, that is, except Zeralda, who lives in a clearing in the woods and doesn't know much about ogres. She does, however, know everything about cooking, and the scrumptious feasts that she prepares transform the ogre's eating habits when they finally come face to face.

Children's books
23 × 30.3 cm
36 pages
ab 5 Jahren

»In this picture book … Ungerer surpasses himself in with. His hero is the most horrendous, ugliest – yet most beguiling – ogre imaginable.«
Book World, New York