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Die Hölle ist das Paradies des Teufels
Im Warenkorb

Useless Thoughts

Published by Diogenes as Die Hölle ist das Paradies des Teufels
Original Title: Die Hölle ist das Paradies des Teufels
Apart from ideas, sketches and drawings, Tomi Ungerer's notebooks show his predilection for aphorisms, puns and little stories. Out of this reservoir, a book has emerged for the first time which shows Tomi Ungerer's unusual side, which, however, is perhaps not that unusual after all: »I am a note-taker. I draw what I write down and I write down what I draw in order to express my thoughts clearly and succinctly«, as Ungerer himself puts it.

General Fiction, Humour
160 pages


»Tomi Ungerer loves playing with language, twisting and turning it, leading words ad absurdum. Sometimes corny jokes emerge – but o· en surprising insights and poetic images too.«

Matthias Kußmann / Südwestrundfunk, Stuttgart