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Und jetzt du
Im Warenkorb

Frances Face-Maker

A Going-To-Bed Book
Published by Diogenes as Und jetzt du
Original Title: Frances Face-Maker

Frances doesn’t want to go to bed – just like every child in the world, just like you. But then her dad has a good idea: We'll play the face-making game! Frances has to look angry. Then happy. Then surprised. And now it’s your turn! Join Frances in making all sorts of faces: confused, sick, snooty, sweet, thoughtful ... It makes you really tired, and before you know it, it’s slumber time.

Children's books
14.8 × 22 × 0.7 cm
32 pages
ab 2 Jahren


»This bedtime book with texts by William Cole and illustrations by Tomi Ungerer is a real gem.«

Roswitha Budeus-Budde / Süddeutsche Zeitung, Munich