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Gute Nacht, lieber Panda
Im Warenkorb

Good Night, Little Panda

Published by Diogenes as Gute Nacht, lieber Panda
Original Title: Gute Nacht, lieber Panda

Bedtime is often anything but peaceful – there’s still so much to do and to tell, so much that’s happened during the day, and so much to catch the attention of little readers. Luckily, the panda feels exactly the same way, making this book the perfect companion for the daily bedtime ritual.

Our dear little Panda has had quite the day:
There was lots of adventure and laughter and play.

And now our Panda is all tuckered out,
So he brushes his teeth
and he washes his snout.

Picks his favourite pillow,
the one that’s bright red,
And finally snuggles himself into bed.

With his most beloved plushie
and also his blankie
In the hopes that tomorrow
he won’t wake up cranky.

Children's books
26 × 21 cm
32 pages
ab 3 Jahren