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Klaus Cäsar Zehrer

Klaus Cäsar Zehrer

Klaus Cäsar Zehrer, born in Schwabach in 1969, lives in Berlin as a freelance writer, editor and translator. His first book with Diogenes Verlag, The Genius, was named the best debut novel of 2017 by the literary blogging collective Das Debüt. Klaus Cäsar Zehrer has a doctorate in Cultural Studies, and edited, together with Robert Gernhard, the classic work of comic verse Hell und Schnell. He also plays for the German national writers’ football team.

  • Das Genie auf der Shortlist des ›Bayerischen Buchpreises‹ in der Kategorie Belletristik als eines der drei nominierten Bücher, 2017
Klaus Cäsar Zehrer
The Terrible Zebra
General Fiction / 256 pages
Im Warenkorb
Klaus Cäsar Zehrer
The Genius
General Fiction / 656 pages
Im Warenkorb
Das Genie
Das schreckliche Zebra