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Das längste Tier der Welt
Im Warenkorb

The Longest Animal in the World

Published by Diogenes as Das längste Tier der Welt
Original Title: Das längste Tier der Welt

Whadd’ya reckon, whadd’ya think: What’s the longest animal of them all?

There should be much more ice cream! So much that if I stand beside it, I look as tiny as a dwarf:

An iceberg.
An icecreamberg.
A berry icecreamberg.
The strawberry icecreamberg.

A zanily playful picture book in rhymes, dreamily illustrated by Uli Krappen.
For young word artists and imagination jugglers.

Children's books
22.5 × 30 × 0.9 cm
48 pages
ab 6 Jahren