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Wir holen alles nach
Im Warenkorb

We’ll Catch up on It Later

Published by Diogenes as Wir holen alles nach
Original Title: Wir holen alles nach

The new novel by best-selling author Martina Borger.

When happiness, and catastrophe come dangerously close.

A child and a job – lots of love, not much time. A novel drawn straight from real life.

A job, a life, and a young son – single mother Sina has been juggling for years, but now her new partner Torsten is supporting her in the act. Plus, they have Ellen, an environmental campaigner in her late sixties who has exactly what Sina’s son Elvis wants so much: time, patience – and a dog. But then something bad happens to the sensitive boy. He keeps his secret bottled up and a fatal web of rumours spreads around the patchwork family.

»A moving novel by Martina Borger.«

Kronen Zeitung, Vienna