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Marlon Brando
Im Warenkorb

Marlon Brando

The Silver-Plated Rebel
Published by Diogenes as Marlon Brando
Original Title: Marlon Brando

Another genre in which Fauser revolutionized everything that went before.

With an afterword by German writer and DJ Franz Dobler.

»I always saw Brando as a rebel – a naive way of looking at it, for sure; what is a rebel anyway? In a world crawling with revolutionaries, the rebel is a man of the past, a conservative. That may be. For so many people of today, the earth seems like a thing of the past, and like Brando, when in doubt I’ll stick with the earth.«

Fauser and Brando – two ruptured souls united by more than just their ability to getting back up when knocked down.

»This is a book about the shadow between idea and reality.«
Jörg Fauser

Biographies, General Fiction
288 pages


»Fauser’s book about Brando is unmatched.«

Berliner Zeitung