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Gruß aus der Küche
Im Warenkorb

Greetings from the Kitchen

Published by Diogenes as Gruß aus der Küche
Original Title: Gruß aus der Küche

Irma, 40, has transformed the ›Zum Hirschen‹ inn into the popular vegetarian restaurant ›Aubergine‹. The creative proprietress employs a motley crew: a 17-year-old school truant as her Girl Friday; a gossipy commis chef; a former globetrotter as waiter and manager. And the 80-year-old ›vegetable man‹, who helps to prep the vegetables and is believed to be almost deaf. And like in any close-knit community, it’s not all sunshine; there’s conflict too.

Crime fiction, General Fiction
304 pages


»Out of these ingredients, a highly readable mix of human shortcomings is brewed.«

Hambuger Abendblatt, Hamburg