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Wild Herbeigesehntes
Im Warenkorb

Wildly Yearned

Early Stories
Published by Diogenes as Wild Herbeigesehntes
Original Title: Wild Herbeigesehntes

Urs Widmer became truly famous with his later works: The Blue Siphon, My Mother’s Lover and My Father’s Book continue to enthral readers today. But like with an iceberg, beneath the surface of the contemporary witness Urs Widmer lies a great deal more, just waiting to be discovered. His early stories are the best place to start: they reveal an anarchic joy in shaking the foundations of literature.

A journey of discovery into Widmer’s early work: wild, rousing and brilliant.

»Widmer started off as a wild surrealist. What still reverberates in his more autobiographical novels was the lusty main act here: The world-creating power of language.«

Richard Kämerlings / Welt am Sonntag, Berlin