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Eine Nacht, die vor 700 Jahren begann
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A Night That Began 700 Years Ago

Published by Diogenes as Eine Nacht, die vor 700 Jahren begann
Original Title: A Night That Began 700 Years Ago

Edited by Silvia Zanovello. With an afterword by Sacha Batthyany.

In the summer of 1944, while starving German soldiers plunder starving Hungarian villages, in Kákásd the villagers working the land are asking themselves the same question they’ve been wondering for seven hundred years: how are they supposed to live on the pittance they receive from the local nobility? A strike could change everything. Yet in an age when human life is cheap and wheat is expensive, they have only a slim chance of success. Still, a young couple on the run and a local farmer start stirring up resistance – and village life begins to unravel.