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Das Paar im Kahn
Im Warenkorb

The Couple on the Barge

Hunkeler's 3rd Case
Published by Diogenes as Das Paar im Kahn
Original Title: Das Paar im Kahn
A young Turkish woman is found murdered, her face hideously cut. It seems obvious that her husband has murdered her out of jealousy, for just a few hours later he hangs himself in his cell. But Inspector Hunkeler does not believe the solution to the case is that simple and continues to investigate. What was the motive for this gruesome death in the St Johann quarter of Basel? Was it really jealousy and honour? Or could the Turkish mafia have something to do with it?

Crime fiction, General Fiction
224 pages

»Hunkeler is the worthy successor to Officer Studer. ›The Couple on the Barge‹ is one of the most densely atmospheric crime novels of recent times.«
Die Welt, Berlin