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Tiefes, dunkles Blau
Im Warenkorb

Deep Dark Blue

A Zurich Crime Novel
Published by Diogenes as Tiefes, dunkles Blau
Original Title: Tiefes, dunkles Blau

The new Zurich-based crime series from Diogenes, presenting a wonderfully warmhearted investigator who is also a keen gardener and cook: Rosa Zambrano, an officer with the water police. 

Lake Zurich is Rosa’s beat. When a body is recovered from its blue depths, she realises the man looks eerily familiar. 

Shortly after Officer Rosa Zambrano has her eggs frozen at a fertility treatment centre on Lake Zurich, her doctor is found dead. Who might have wanted to get Dr Jansen – also a successful biotech entrepreneur – out of the way? The initial clues lead Rosa to a villa on the Goldcoast on Lake Zurich, to genetic research labs, deep into an alternative subculture and into the murky world of the sex trade – and to four women, each of whom in their own way reject the hand they have been dealt by biology or fate. 

General Fiction, Crime fiction
272 pages


»Seraina Kobler has written a compelling thriller which, fortunately, isn’t too gory.«

Gaby van Whaden / WDR2, Cologne