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Das Biest des Monsieur Racine

The Beast of Monsieur Racine

Published by Diogenes as Das Biest des Monsieur Racine
Original Title:
This is the story of Monsieur Racine, retired tax-collector and prime pear grower, whose contented life is disturbed by a strange beast that comes into his garden to steal his golden pears. But Monsieur Racine befriends the beast by feeding it all sorts of delicacies, and they enjoy marvellous outings together. At the same time, Monsieur Racine is determined to discover more about his strange creature and carries out extensive research – to no avail. He writes to the Academy of Sciences, and when its members invite him to bring his bizarre specimen to Paris, Monsieur Racine and his beast are given a rapturous welcome. What the beast turns out to be causes uproar, but leaves Monsieur Racine a happier man. ›The Beast of Monsieur Racine‹ is a hilarious story which parents will beg to be allowed to share with their children.

Children's books
23 × 30 cm
32 pages
ab 4 Jahren


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