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Die Welt auf dem Teller

The World on a Plate

Kitchen Inspiration
Published by Diogenes as Die Welt auf dem Teller
Original Title: Die Welt auf dem Teller. Kitchen Inspiration

When Doris Dörrie writes about food, it reads as though she’s embracing the entire world. She tells of melon moments from her childhood, of pure pasta joy and her love for hearty soups. She encourages us to be grateful for onigiri and ponders cultural tolerance over Valencian paella. She rethinks her consumption of eggs on account of a chicken called Brownie, and we learn how to connect with ourselves in the kitchen while chopping, grating and kneading.

Doris Dörrie’s stories about food stay with us, and give us an appetite — both for food and life itself.

Culinary Reads, General Fiction
208 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»A wonderful, beguiling read.«

Bild der Frau, Hamburg