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Reise nach Tripiti
Im Warenkorb

Travelling to Tripiti

Published by Diogenes as Reise nach Tripiti
Original Title: Reise nach Tripiti
Theodor the Teddy Bear is getting on in years: He's missing an ear, and an eye too – but does that mean he belongs in the rubbish bin? It certainly does not! Instead, he sets off to a land full of promise, a place he once saw in a dream: the fishing village of Tripiti. The little Greek island is home to lots of children, and they all want to play with Theodor. And it isn't long before others join him there: Kaspar, the limping wooden horse, Resi the puppet, Mischa the one-armed tractor driver – all of them want to go to Tripiti and share Theodor's adventures.

Children's books
29.7 × 21 cm
52 pages
ab 4 Jahren


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»A magnificently illustrated Diogenes children's book, a wonderful gift.«
Wochenpresse, Vienna