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The exemplary story of a brave vulture
Published by Diogenes as Orlando
Original Title: Orlando, the brave vulture. The exemplary story of a brave vulture

Orlando, the brave vulture, begins his series of heroic deeds, down Mexico way, when he starts searching for a lost gold miner who has gone astray in the cactus-studded deserts of Chihuahua.
Trying to help the missing man's worried wife and son, Orlando encounters a menacing pack of night-riding, gunslinging bandits, everyone of whom (huge sombrero, sinister moustache) is a dead ringer for Pancho Villa.

All children who love an ambush or a hairbreadth escape, a mad pursuit or a perfectly happy surprise ending will revel in this uproarious adventure south of the Rio Grande. So will gringos of all ages.

Children's books
48 pages


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