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Das goldene Ei

The Golden Egg

Commissario Brunetti's 22nd Case
Published by Diogenes as Das goldene Ei
Original Title: The Golden Egg. Commissario Brunetti's 22nd Case

While making routine inquiries into a possible bribery case, Commissario Brunetti receives a call from his wife, Paola. The deaf-mute man who worked at the Brunettis' dry cleaners has been found dead. An empty bottle of pills points to suicide, but Paola is unconvinced. To the neighbourhood he was the ›boy‹ who helped out, but nobody knew even his name. That a soul could have lived such a lonely life is too much for Paola to bear. She begs her husband to do something, anything...

Crime fiction, General Fiction
320 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes