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Wie viele Pudel sind ein Rudel?
Im Warenkorb

Oodles of Poodles

Published by Diogenes as Wie viele Pudel sind ein Rudel?
Original Title: Wie viele Pudel sind ein Rudel?

Do birds move in herds?
Who lives in a shoal?
How’s life in a group?
Who does what in which troop?

Timon and Julian Meyer shake up the animal kingdom, showing young readers the different ways animal families live together. 

Have fun with rhymes while learning!

Litter, covey, pack, horde? Clear as day – or as mud? Then this is the picture book you need to become an expert on the animal world. It’s also incredibly funny: where else do you get to see a paddling of ducks driving some trucks or a shrewdness of apes and giraffes sharing grapes? The reader is given a tour of the animal world, learning all its crooked, unexpected connections – with pitch-perfect rhymes and fabulous illustrations. 

If a field mouse gets bored
then same goes for the horde.
But a colony of beavers
is full of overachievers.
In a cauldron of bats,
hang on to your hats.
Why a murder of crows?
Well, nobody knows.

Children's books
24 × 17 cm
40 pages
ab 3 Jahren


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