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Rebell im Cola-Hinterland
Im Warenkorb

Rebel in the Coke Hinterland

Jörg Fauser. The Biography
Published by Diogenes as Rebell im Cola-Hinterland
Original Title: Jörg Fauser - Die Biographie

Who was Jörg Fauser? What were his influences, his annoyances, what did he dream of and what enraged him? Matthias Penzel and Ambros Waibel let nothing deter them from uncovering the real Jörg Fauser, the rebel and junkie, the son and man. The only biography of the author of unparalleled novels, invaluable reportage, tender poetry and rebellious prose. This new edition expanded with fresh insights and stripped of misinformation is both an enthralling read and important witness to its time.

640 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

Film rights are handled by Diogenes

»The biography is written in such a way that Fauser himself would have enjoyed reading it.«

Stefan Maelck / MDR, Leipzig