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Trennt euch!

Break Up!

Published by Diogenes as Trennt euch!
Original Title: Trennt euch!

A book about incompatible relationships and their well-earned endings. Thomas Meyer’s controversial polemic: »Four out of five relationships ought to be ended right away.«

Most relationship advice books recommend fighting to hold on to a partner. But according to Thomas Meyer’s provocative theory, the majority of couples are unhappy – and ought to break up. Life is too short to suffer for no good reason. 
With razor-sharp analysis and great empathy, Meyer describes all the phases of ending a relationship (the agonizing time before the break-up, the separation itself, and what comes afterwards), emboldening readers to take a mindful approach to their own needs.

1. It works, or it doesn’t work.
2. It usually doesn’t work.
3. If it doesn’t work, it’ll never work.
4. If it doesn’t work, you’ll suffer.
5. If you suffer, you have to leave.
6. Life is very short


Psychology, General Fiction
128 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes