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Irinas Buch der leichtfertigen Liebe

Irina's Book

Published by Diogenes as Irinas Buch der leichtfertigen Liebe
English Title: Irina's Book
Dunja, a Russian woman living in Paris, believes she is sending a fax to her husband in Moscow – how astonished she would be to know it has arrived instead at the home of his ex-mistress, Eva, in Sweden. The misdirected fax triggers turmoil in the lives and minds of the current, and erstwhile, lovers. When Eva decides to fly to Paris, a domino-stone effect of misunderstandings is set in motion. Proof once again that the world is ruled by imagination, not willpower, that the erotic reigns supreme in the mind – and that love is a magical, complicated thing. When a flirtation results in a book, expect a story rich in erotic errors and confusion.

General Fiction
192 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes