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Mit Brunetti durchs Leben
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Brunetti’s Miscellany

A Guide for Cautious Optimists
Published by Diogenes as Mit Brunetti durchs Leben
Original Title: Brunetti’s Miscellany

Why do readers all over the world love Brunetti like a friend with whom they've gone through thick and thin? Probably because he's as much a philosopher as he is a detective. He strives tirelessly to understand his fellow human beings. As an Italian, bon vivant and family man, he believes in the good life, despite all the hindrances and villains around us. This book is a collection of the best observations from the most renowned, smartest and popular commissario around: An ABC of the art of living.

»He reads, he's witty, and he can be ironic too. He is happily married, has lovely children and leads a respectable life - even before his first appearance, I knew that he would be someone I liked.«
Donna Leon

General Fiction
400 pages


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