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Allmen und die Erotik

Allmen and the Erotic Figurines

Published by Diogenes as Allmen und die Erotik
English Title: Allmen and the Erotic Figurines

The bestselling crime novel series about the gentleman crook Allmen and his assistant Carlos sold more than 800.000 copies in German alone and was adapted for TV in 2017 by UFA fiction.

This fifth episode of the witty series revolves around lovers of art and the art of love.

Fine porcelain can be made into harmless figurines, or sexy artworks. Allmen and Carlos come across a secret hoard of valuable porcelain figures for lovers of explicit erotic depictions. A case that makes them work up quite a sweat because they are not investigating entirely of their own volition: A blackmailing accomplice has them in the palm of his hand.

Crime fiction, General Fiction
272 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»Surprising constellations, unforeseeable complications and calculable coalitions characterize this deftly penned novel.«


Frauke Kaberka / dpa, Berlin