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Das Stoffe-Projekt

Subject Matter

A Treasury in Five Volumes
Published by Diogenes as Das Stoffe-Projekt
Original Title: Das Stoffe-Projekt

Shortly after his greatest triumphs on the stage, Dürrenmatt went through his deepest personal and creative crisis. He felt that his audience, which so far had carried him on their hands, no longer understood him, and embarked on a mission to at least understand himself. From this emerged the project Subject Matter - his major late work. Within it, he interweaves autobiographical, philosophical and fictional texts and text fragments to create an entirely unique style of prose.

General Fiction
2208 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

Film rights are handled by Diogenes

»From the very beginning, Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s gaze was always directed at the big picture, the whole picture, at the world. The term ›world literature‹ is rarely so fitting as it is for him.«

Daniel Kehlmann / NZZ am Sonntag, Zurich