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Heidi kann brauchen, was es gelernt hat

Heidi Makes Use of What She Has Learned

Published by Diogenes as Heidi kann brauchen, was es gelernt hat
Original Title:

Who doesn't know them, Alm-Öhi, Peter the goatherd, Aunt Dete and poor Klara in Frankfurt – Heidi enchants them all. Their story is as old as it is topical, a parable that has attained the status of a classic, a tale about the victory of humaneness and the power of love in a society that has become heartless. The first edition of the children's book classic was published in 1880 when the dark side of technological progress was beginning to make itself felt. It is no coincidence that love of nature prevails over the blessings of modern civilisation.
Tomi Ungerer's wonderful sketches, all the more realistic and lively for their minimalism, allow the text to shine, just adding a punchline here and there – a refreshing addition to one of the most beautiful children's classics in the world!

Children's books
192 pages
ab 6 Jahren


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