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Mit Brunetti durch Venedig
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Brunetti's Venice

Preface by Donna Leon
Published by Diogenes as Mit Brunetti durch Venedig
Original Title: Brunetti's Venice

The updated edition on the occasion of Brunetti’s 30th case.

In Brunetti’s footsteps: 13 literary walks through 30 criminal cases.

Calli, campi and cafes: throughout all these years, the Commissario has not just remained loyal to his family, but also to his favourite corners of the city. Toni Sepeda has meticulously traced Brunetti's whereabouts in the alleys of Venice, compiling what takes place around the Questura, in San Polo or at the Ospedale Civile. She allows readers to discover Brunetti's Venice on location or at home.

General Fiction, Travel writing, Gift Books
368 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes

»Toni Sepeda has packed all of Brunetti’s cases, including quotes and locations, excursions, by the only guide authorised by locations of events from the novels.«

Uta Petersen / Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin