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Drei Grazien

Three Graces

A Case for Costas Haritos
Published by Diogenes as Drei Grazien
English Title: Three Graces. A Case for Costas Haritos

In his new Costas Haritos novel, Greece’s beloved bestselling author satirizes the education business, his unmistakable tone combining pithy wording and Mediterranean wit.

Haritos and holidays? These two rarely seem to happen. But now, Costas and Adriani do take a trip to Epirus. At their hotel, they meet the Three Graces, a trio of vivid elderly Greek ladies, who are ready and willing to go on any excursion and happy to read anyone’s future from their coffee grounds – a rosy future, when it comes to the Haritos family.
But back in Athens a brutal case is waiting for the detective inspector. A professor has been poisoned. The academic world is rotten to the core. Rosy prospects? Sadly not here.

Crime fiction, General Fiction
368 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes
except Greek rights

»His critical view noted developments in Athens right from the start and he analysed them with his sharp mind.«

Ursula Burkert / Ö1, Vienna