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Bär liebt Hippo
Im Warenkorb

Bear Loves Hippo

Published by Diogenes as Bär liebt Hippo
Original Title: Bär liebt Hippo

Bear and Hippo are the best of friends. Together they go on awesome adventures and have loads of fun. And even though they’re very different, they’re devoted to each other. A tribute to friendship and a celebration of being different. 

Hippo loves 
Nice gentle sounds 
Big fat books 
And pretty towns 

Only one thing 
Can compare: 
More than all that 
He loves Bear 

Bear loves stuff that’s 
Super crazy 
Loud and fast and 

Bear loves that 
From head to paw 
But Hippo 
He loves even more

Children's books
18 × 15 cm
24 pages
ab 3 Jahren


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