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Fast genial

Almost Ingenious

Published by Diogenes as Fast genial
English Title: Almost Ingenious

Francis Dean lives with his mother in a rundown trailer park in New Jersey. He figures he will probably live there until he dies. That is, until the day when he finds out the truth about how he was brought into the world. Apparently his existence is the result of an absurd experiment that his mother took part in. And it seems that his father is not some loser who left his family in the lurch after all, but a scientific genius from Harvard. Meeting him could change Francis' life. Together with his best friend Grover, an eccentric brain-box, and the girl of his dreams, the delicate, unpredictable Anne-May, he sets off on a cross-country journey to the West coast to find his father. Francis wants to find out who he really is, and he has nothing to lose – or does he? A dramatic journey of discovery with unrelenting twists and turns and a truly breathtaking showdown.

General Fiction
336 pages


World rights are handled by Diogenes