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Lily-of-the-Valley White

A Case for Milena Lukin
Published by Diogenes as Maiglöckchenweiß
English Title: Lily-of-the-Valley White. A Case for Milena Lukin

A new challenge for criminologist Milena Lukin, inspired by real-life crimes with fateful consequences and set in Belgrade, a city in flux, between East and West.

Still today bouquets of white lilies-of-the-valley are laid in Belgrade Street, where a small Romani boy was once beaten to death by two youths. One of the teenagers was imprisoned, while the other was able to flee. Twenty-five years later, he returns to Belgrade to confront his past – and is found dead in the Danube river a short while later. The police declare it to be a suicide and promptly close the case. The lawyer of the dead man and criminologist Milena Lukin find themselves confronted by a puzzle – that is, until they stumble upon a clue which leads them into the darkest recesses of Serbian politics, and to a murder which shaped the fate of an entire country.

Crime fiction, General Fiction
352 pages


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