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Friedrich Dürrenmatt  |  Die Panne  |  English Title: Traps<br>Story, 96 Pages

Story, Paperback
96 Pages
Published in April 2006

ISBN 978-3-257-23539-5
(D) 9.00 / (A) 9.30
sFr 12.00*
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Friedrich Dürrenmatt
Die Panne

English Title: Traps

Stranded when his car breaks down in a village a traveller gladly accepts the invitation of a retired judge to spend the night in his house and to join him and a few friends for dinner and their Game. This could happen to anybody. But only Friedrich Dürrenmatt could have used such a commonplace occurrence as the starting point for the nightmarish story that follows.


»This concise and brilliant story reflects what Dürrenmatt calls the ethical indifference of the world.«The Times Literary Supplement

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