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Kind der Aare
Im Warenkorb

Child of the Aare

Published by Diogenes as Kind der Aare
Original Title: Kind der Aare

One of Switzerland’s best known and most popular writers looks back – in love, in grief, in anger and tenderness.

»I am a child of the Aare river. It is the most beautiful river in Switzerland, unimposing but a charming sight.«

Hansjörg Schneider writes about the Aargau region, the Nothern Swiss landscape that made him who he is today. About the gentle hills and meadows and the bleak, authoritarian atmosphere of his childhood and youth in the post-war years. About his time as a student in Basel up to his start into a life dedicated to literature.
Where does a writer come from? Authentic, touching and not the slightest bit conciliatory, Hansjörg Schneider traces his journey through life.